Your SEM Measurement Needs...

Nano-patterning requires accurate and reproducible metrology. Meaningful process calibration and process monitoring tasks need many measurements from numerous SEM images. Automated CD-SEM equipment used in IC manufacturing is expensive and not flexible. Many organizations perform wafer inspection and measurement with analytic SEM tools which offer measurement only by manual placement of measurement cursors on the SEM image, which is time-consuming, subjective, and has poor repeatability.

Meet ProSEM

ProSEM makes automated feature size (CD) measurements from your saved SEM images, with a user interface designed for simplicity and productivity. Powered by efficient measurement algorithms, ProSEM provides you with fast, reliable, repeatable measurements, for improved process calibration, monitoring, and day to day tasks.

ProSEM provides a simple, organized user interface to speed-up your measurement tasks. Open one or more SEM images or an entire folder, then define your first measurement by simply drawing a box around the feature to be measured. Choose from a variety of feature types such as Line, Trench, Circle, Rectangle, or Ellipse, select the feature polarity, and then the measurement results are shown directly on the image. ProSEM displays the mean feature size plus basic statistics. ProSEM’s standard settings usually work well, but for more challenging examples such as high noise or low contrast images, adjust the processing to improve edge detection performance. Store completed measurements with one click. Perform additional measurements in the same image, or measure multiple images using the same settings. Save your measurement data as a project or easily export to Excel, Matlab, etc.

ProSEM makes quick work of repetitive measurements; a full set of images is analyzed faster and more consistently than manual methods. ProSEM provides reliable results and enhances your metrology productivity.