ProSEM In Action

Scripts - Using Example Scripts from this Website


This website has example scripts which can demonstrate scripting techniques and can be customized as needed.  This page details how to use this scripts in ProSEM.


  1. Download an archive of script(s) from a page on this website
  2. Determine the location to place the script.  An easy shortcut for this to to use the ProSEM Script menu command: Open Default Script Folder
    The default location is:
    • Windows: This PC > Documents > .GenISys > ProSEM > Scripts
    • Linux: Home/.GenISys/ProSEM/Scripts
  3. Un-compress the downloaded archive.
    • Windows: In Windows Explorer, right-click on the .zip file and choose Extract All. Or double-click on the .zip archive to open it, then drag the desired file(s) out of the opened archive to the destination
    • Linux:  In a terminal window, use the unzip command, typically: unzip <archive_name>.zip
  4. Move or copy the desired script(s) to the script location.
  5. In ProSEM's Scripts menu, choose: Refresh Menu so the new script(s) will appear in the menu, ready to use.

More Details:

  • The Scripts directory can contain other directories, which are displayed as hierarchical menus in ProSEM Script menu
  • Scripts can also be located in another user-defined location, with that location specified in ProSEM's  File > Properties menu settings, under Location for additional User Scripts.  This allows common scripts to be easily shared where ProSEM is used on multiple computers, by setting this to a common Scripts folder on a shared network drive